Time Management – Strategies & Techniques

What Is Time Management?

Time management is exactly what it sounds like, that is, the managing of your time!  It sounds simple, but as you probably already know, it is a lot more difficult than it sounds!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Work smarter not harder”?  That is a great example of what time management is…  It is a way to work smarter, rather than harder!  Time management is the skill of being able to organize your schedule in the most efficient manner possible.  Reducing any wasted time, and using every minute to it’s fullest potential.  When you have multiple projects, being able to split up your time between them while still being productive in all of them!  Sounds easy right?  Wrong.

Examples Of Effective Time Management Skills

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Most if not every successful business person has great time management skills, face it, you need to be good at time management to perform well in anything!

Great examples of time management would be getting up early in the morning to get started with your day.  The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, gets of at 5:00AM every single morning to get a head start on everyone else!  Oprah Winfrey wakes up at 6:00AM every morning and performs meditation, before heading into her studio!  Another awesome example is Elon Musk, I am sure most of you have heard of him.  He is the founder of both Tesla, and spaceX!  Elon Musk has a lot to take care of, and he does his job very precisely.  Throughout his entire day, Musk divides time into 5 minute chunks!  Every 5 minutes he has a plan, written down for everything!  Bill Gates has also been known to use this extreme technique of time management!

Examples Of Poor Time Management Skills

Most people in today’s world have poor, or at least not very great time management skills.  It is quite easy to spot someone of this nature, I have a few tell tale signs, you might even find yourself guilty…

  • Procrastination: If someone does not manage their time well, they usually tend to procrastinate…  A lot. 
  • Not taking breaks: Someone who just works, works, and works some more, without ever taking a break.  Usually gets a lot done but very inefficiently!  This brings us back to the phrase “Word smarter not harder” showing us what not to do!
  • Not keeping a to-do list: This is one so many of us are guilty of!  And not keeping a to-do list can lead to us working on whatever we think of at the current moment, even when it would be much more efficient to work on what needed to be done an hour ago!  A simple list can help so much!
  • Indecisiveness: Being indecisive can and will result in way to much time being spent on non-important things.  This leads to a ton of wasted time!
  • Rushing: If someone is always rushing around, that doesn’t mean they are getting things done quicker…  It just means they did not manage their time well at all, because if they did rushing would not be necessary!

These are just a few examples for what you don’t want!  For more, click here!

Techniques & StrategiesTime Management Strategies Diagram

You may have just read over the list of things you don’t want… And found yourself guilty of being terrible at managing your time! Luckily I have a few strategies you can put into action to try and improve!

Stop Multitasking

Many of us think that when we multitask, things get done faster! Of course, we are getting two or three things done at once right? This is not true at all, multitasking is actually proven to make your project(s) take longer!

If we set our mind to focus on one thing at a time, this is much more efficient!

A good simple way to stop yourself from multitasking is to follow a list, one thing at a time! Which brings us to our next tip…

Have An Organized List Of Your Projects

So many of us run around all day long getting things done at work and around the house, whatever we think of we do! This is very inefficient when it comes to time management. Without a list, you bounce from project to project.  Typically you end up multitasking, and sometimes don’t even finish what you started in the first place!

Using a list is a great way to stay organized, and focus on one thing at a time! This will improve your time managing skill immensely!

I recommend downloading a free app on your phone, with a schedule planner and lists! You always have your smartphone with you, so you won’t ever leave your list at home! A regular paper list works great, however apps I have found to use on your mobile device work amazing!

Plan Ahead

Many of us just “go with the flow” during our day, getting projects done as they come!  This however can cause distractions, procrastination, or simply not doing anything!

Instead, if you plan ahead and organize your plan you will be much more efficient!  Try sitting down at night and going over everything you will need to do the following day.  Make a list, as we spoke about above, and then when you wake up the next morning you will know exactly what needs to get done!

Another way to plan ahead is using your calendar!  Whether it be with your phone calendar with a useful app such as TimeTree!  Or with your paper calendar hanging in your bedroom or on your refrigerator!  Either way, using a calendar is a fantastic way to plan ahead, so you use your time more efficiently!

Time Management Course

The best option for getting better at this skill, is of course learning and studying in depth ways to improve yourself!  I do highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve in most aspects of their daily lives!  If you run a business, this would be especially for you, it would even be super helpful to put your employees through your course!

An awesome guide that I recommend you using is The Daily Launcher System!  This course has a lot of awesome material, and after finishing, you will have a much larger understanding of how to be more efficient with your time!

Click Here to learn more about the Daily Launcher System!

Final Thoughts On Improving Yourself

In the end, there are many strategies you may try for yourself!  Finding the perfect option for you, well, that is something you can only do my trying different techniques!  I believe you can help yourself in your business life, personal life, and everything in between with these techniques!

There are many other ways you can improve this skill as well, I only covered a fraction of what is out there to try!  What I ask is that you believe in yourself, and give it your all.  Don’t only push yourself until it gets difficult, push past that!  Keep pushing yourself until you really see a difference, and then just keep pushing further after that!

I wish you you the best of luck on improving your time management!

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