The absolute best marketplaces to buy and sell!

As you all know, there are countless options of marketplaces online to choose from these days. Whether you are looking for a good place to buy all the treasures you dream of at night… Or an awesome place to sell your goods of many sorts… You will surely find something on this list to help you out!

1. Ebay

Yes we have ALL heard of EBay, everyone around the world knows about it! But that’s because it’s really a great place to both buy and sell!

For shoppers, you can either buy an item instantly at a price listed from the seller. Or you can choose to place a bid on certain auction style listings! Making shopping from Ebay a fun experience!

For sellers, Ebay is incredible! You automatically get TONS of traffic from all the shoppers that go to Ebay for everything they need. No need to advertise and spend hundreds of dollars to get good traffic. You can sell as much as you want, the catch is, Ebay takes ~10% of every sale you make, and don’t forget PayPal fees which is typically 2-3%! Most every marketplace has it’s fees though, so not a big deal!

If you want lots of sales, fast and quite easy if I say so myself… Check out EBAY!

2. Amazon

First off, I just have to say… If you don’t already shop on amazon, you’re missing out! Amazon is incredible for both shoppers and sellers!

***More to come***

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