How To Start a YouTube Channel & Make Money

Beginners Guide To Starting a YouTube Channel In 2020Going viral youtube logo

Everyone with a creative mind would without a doubt love to start a youtube channel that goes viral!  Luckily, that is still very possible in 2020!  There are so many people going onto youtube to watch videos every single day.  There will always be enough people to make a new channel go viral!  This is a great business idea for any age!

So stop dreaming about having your own successful youtube channel, it is time to make it a reality!  With the right effort, and some self discipline to keep working, you can accomplish anything.

“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” ― Roy T. Bennett Click To Tweet

1. Setting Up & Opening A YouTube Account

Before you can start making videos, an actual youtube account belonging to you must be opened.  This can easily be done in a few simple steps.  Follow these detailed steps carefully and you will be all set!

1. Creating a google accountScreenshot of creating a google account

In order to open a youtube channel, you must have a google account.

Type in a simple search for “Creat Google Account” or click here.  You should see a screen that looks something similar to the photo pictured here!

Next, it is as simple as filling out your name, and then choosing a username and password.  The username will also be the name of your youtube channel that you end up creating.  So choose carefully, be sure you love it!

After you press next, you may need to enter in a few more details about yourself.

Once you’re finished, you should see a welcoming screen similar to the photo below!  And you can move onto the next step.

Google account welcoming screen

2. Opening Your YouTube Account

Start screen when you start a youtube channel

Now that you have a google account created, it is time to start a youtube channel!  Using the google account that was created, a youtube account can easily be opened!

First of all, Head over to!  Do this by typing “” into your search engine.  Or by clicking this link.

Next, find the google sign in option in the top right corner.  Sign into the google account you had just created!  This will connect with youtube immediately.  Now just click your account profile picture in the top right, and there should be a dropdown menu.  In the dropdown menu, click the button that says “Create Channel”.

Once you have pressed “Create Channel” you will be prompted with a confirmation button.  Confirm and continue to the next step!

Now that you have opened a youtube channel, you are now technically able to create and upload videos onto youtube!  Congratulations, you now have your very own youtube channel!

2. Start a YouTube Channel Niche/Theme

Confused man thinking deeply

Now is when the fun starts!  Time to start using your creative mind!  So now that you have a youtube channel up and running, you need to think of what your content will be about.

A youtube channel cannot post content about 100 different things, you cannot be random!  People subscribing will be subscribing because of a specific video they have seen on your channel.  Those people are looking forward to seeing very similar and related content to be created in the future, consistently!

You must narrow it down to one specific niche, whether that be pets, farming, business, technology, product reviews, etc.  You must focus on one!

I highly suggest choosing something you are passionate about.  Not just something that is popular…  You are going to need to think of new content every single day!  If you aren’t passionate about your niche, you will not be able to post consistent content.  So take your time while choosing your niche, think about it for a while.  This decision is very important for the future of your youtube channel.

3. Starting to create your YouTube content

Start youtube channel content illistration

So you have a YouTube channel, and you have a niche…  Now all you need is content and you’ll be on your way to making millions!  Well, not really but you get the idea.  Time to create some of your very own content!

Many people believe that you need super high end cameras and expensive equipment to become successful on youtube…  This is not true at all!  It is even possible to become a successful youtuber with only your smartphone!  What it really takes, is a creative mind.  If content is posted daily, as long as your videos are half decent, your channel will grow there’s no doubt about that!

There are ways to build a youtube channel without creating much content of your own, as you can learn here, and that can be built into a very successful business.  However we will talk more about that later.

1. Making a video plan

The first thing you should do when creating new content for your channel, is make a plan.  So write down key points that you are going to cover in your video, stories you are going to incorporate, making the outline for your video!

Think about everything you want in your video, and how long you want that portion of the video to be.  Be as specific as you can with how long you can take with each section.  This is a good example of using time management for creating timely organized video!

After creating a detailed plan of what you will include in your video, it is time to move on to the next step.

2.  Preparing Your EquipmentEquipment for starting a youtube channel

When most people think of starting a youtube channel, they think of expensive equipment and cameras that they don’t have…

Filming a video for youtube is a lot more simple than many people think…  A super expensive camera with a bunch of lighting equipment is not necessary!  Even just using your smartphone will work fine!

If you do have the money to invest into high quality equipment, I would recommend a camera specifically meant for video such as the Zohulu Vlogging Camera.  This will make your videos look and sound much more professional!  Click here to get yours.

Audio EquipmentAudio Equipment Microphones

Start off by getting whatever you plan to use for recording video, if you have a camera that is great, if it is just your smartphone that works!  Then find what you plan on using for recording audio…  Neither cameras or phones have very good microphones.  I would highly recommend investing in a high quality mic such as the Blue Yeti Microphone!  This mic will work with desk recording, and is very clear high quality!  Click here to go get your own!

If you plan on recording on the go, a mic such as the Rode VideoMicro!  This can be mounted on your camera easily for on the go recording.  Click here to brag yours!

And finally if you are going to be using a smartphone, a great mic option would be the Rode VideoMic which hooks to any smartphone quick and easy.  Click here to go get yours!

3. Recording Your VideoFilming For a youtube video

Now is the fun part, finally, recording your video content!  There is not really a good instruction guide that I can give you to record your content…  It is up to you and your creativity!

I can however give you a few tips to take into consideration.  Just some simple things that may make your video more appealing to watch!

First, if you are recording in a room talking into your camera.  Be sure that your background doesn’t cause to much of a distaction.  Have a clean and simple background, a wall with a couple pictures hanging on it is quite common.  I suggest a blank wall or sheet behind you will the camera focused on you so that the background is blurred!

My second tip has to do with lighting.  When making your video, be sure that you (or your subject) is properly lit!  No one wants to watch a video that is all dark and grainy…  The best lighting is natural light.  So if you have a nice big window, film using the light from your window!

The third and final tip I have for you today, is to look nice in your videos…  Don’t start filming a video right after rolling out of bed!  Put on a nice outfit, and do your hair.  If you look nice for the camera, the odds of people wanting to watch you are a lot better!  So if you look nice, you will grow your channel a lot easier.

4. Editing Your Youtube Channel Content

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