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Jobs To Work As a Teenager

You might be a teenager thinking to yourself “there is no way I can make money, nobody will hire me”.  Well I have good news for you, I have compiled a great list of business ideas for teens like you!  And if you are not as driven to try and run your own business, there are always workplaces you can get hired at!

Ask Friends And FamilyPaper stickmen referencing family and friends

If you just want a place to work and make money, ask your friends and family first! Chances are someone you know will want your help and you can work for them!  Post on your facebook or instagram asking around for a job, you will most likely have a few people offer you a job!

Before going out to apply for jobs, sit down and think of any business owner you may know.  Make a list of all the business owners you can think of, plan to stop at every one of those businesses in person and talking to the owner.  Ask if he/she needs help with anything at all!

Targeting people you know first, will increase your chances of being hired greatly!  They will already have trust formed with you, and will feel much more comfortable with you than a stranger would!

Look For Help Wanted Signs

In the case you don’t necessarily care where you get hired, drive around (or have your parent drive you) and look for signs asking for more help!  You will most likely find these signs, especially now in 2020 our economy is thriving so people are hiring to grow businesses!  Go inside and take an application, no matter how many applications you end up getting that day fill them all out!  Return your filled out applications to ever single business you received one from.  It never hurts to fill out as many as you can get!

By doing this process, you will most likely get a call offering you the job to one or more of the workplaces you had applied to!  If you get offered more than one job, congratulations, you can pick and choose which job you would prefer most!

Babysitting Or House-sitting

Of course this had to be on the list!  If you have already read other posts about business ideas for teens, you have probably seen this plenty of times.  But in all seriousness, you can make a LOT of money from focusing on these jobs.  Babysitting is usually a woman’s job, however it is not completely out of the question if you are a boy!

Again, start by asking friends and family if they need any help babysitting.  If no one immediately wants your help, just simply let them know you are interested in babysitting if they ever need you!  You will get people calling you asking for your services, there are so many parents with young children, there will always be a demand for babysitting!

House-sitting is a great business for teens, especially if you know people who frequently travel.  Whether you are a boy or girl, this job is fantastic, and can roll in the big bucks!  Approach the same way you would with babysitting, spreading the word that you are interested in house-sitting!  In no time you will have jobs lining up!

For more ideas of jobs you can get as a teenager click here!

Entrepreneur Business Ideas For TeensEntrepreneur Terms written on a chalkboard

If you have a strong business based mindset, you probably don’t even want to go out and find somewhere to work…  Because you most likely want to work for yourself and be your own boss!  This is personally how my mind works.  If you are working at a general store, and see that the owner orders inventory for cheap, sells it for more, and makes a profit.  You will want to find the supplier, and save some money, buy the cheap inventory myself and run your own general store!

As a teenager, it may seem very difficult to start your own business.  However it is very possible to do!  There has been many cases of teens running a 5 or even 6 figure business before they can even drive!  Personally, I have started a few businesses in my teenage years.  From a photography business, creating a website such as this, and even selling $10,000+ worth of merchandise online!

One thing to remember about running your own business, is you must have great self discipline, and also great time management!

Become A YouTube Content CreatorYoutube Logo - Business ideas for Teens

There is no doubt you have thought about this in the past.  Or at least heard about it.  Well the truth is, it is so popular because it really works!  You may feel like this industry is so full that you just wouldn’t be able to get viewed by anyone…  This is not true!  There is approximately 1.3 Billion people that visit YouTube every single day.  The number of videos watched every single day is even more asstounding at 5 Billion!

The first thing you are going to want to do, is think of a niche to focus your channel on.  A niche is basically a certain subject to base your content on.  For example let’s say you choose the “gaming” niche.  You will be posting about the latest and hottest video games, doing video game reviews, and maybe showing some of your gameplay!  However, if your channel is in the gaming niche, you will not be posting about how many times a hippopotamus urinates each day…

Next, do your research on what people are searching for on youtube!  Use Google’s Keyword Research Tool to find exactly what you should post your content about!  Don’t just create content about anything you think of.  Make sure you optimize what you create, and be sure that people will be looking for exactly what you make!

In no time, you will be gaining subscribers, and your views will be increasing!  As long as you continue to create content consistently (the more the better) your channel will continue to grow!

Explore on FiverrFiverr Logo business For Freelancers

You may have heard of fiverr, it is a platform to sell your services to people!  You can do anything from creating a video for someone, to roasting someone as hard as you can!  Practically anything you can think of, someone will pay for.  This can be extremely useful to start any business!

If you have any skill, check out to see if you think you would want to start selling your service!  It is free to sign up, and I highly recommend it!

Click here to check out fiverr and see if it’s for you!

Sell Thrifted Clothes Online

This is a super fun business that can be extremely rewarding!  There is a huge demand for cool clothes, people will spend a pretty penny on their favorite brand!  Thrift shopping is so fun, and once you know what you are looking for it is incredible!  You can sell on a lot of platforms, such as eBay, Etsy, Depop, Facebook, Kijiji, Poshmark, and many more!  I know this is called business ideas for teens, but this could be for anyone!

Another great way to sell thrifted clothes is to start your own store.  Many people use instagram for this, growing a fanbase and getting more traffic!  I would recommend going this route, even if you also sell on another platform.  Growing a store on instagram is a long-term business so don’t expect sales overnight!

Start by researching the best brands to find in thrift stores such as goodwill.  Study how much certain things sell for in other stores!  Using eBay to get a general idea of prices works great.  There is actually a filter on eBay to only see search results that have sold, this works great to check prices!

Start buying good deals that you find, and creating nice looking listings on whatever platforms you sell on.  Avoid buying to much, you don’t want to get stuck with a pile of clothes that you can’t sell…

Keep updating your listings, create content on instagram, and you will eventually start seeing sales!  Continue to grow, and before you know it, everything you buy will sell within hours of posting!

Offer To Be a Freelance Writer

You may, or may not heard of freelance writing before.  In a nutshell, it is offering to write a blog post or a chapter of a book for someone for a price!  Some bloggers never actually even write a single post themselves, they pay someone else to do all the work.  If you enjoy writing, even a little bit, this is a great option for you!

Many people use the platform called “Fiverr” to promote their service.  You can do this for free, simply create an account and post your service for a price that you choose!  I love using fiverr, not only for promoting writing, it can be used for so many businesses!  Check out Fiverr by clicking here, see how you like it!

Creating Your Own Website

This is a broad topic to talk about, because a website could be about anything!  However out of the many business ideas for teens, this is one of the best!  You may not even know how a website can make you money, without selling anything.  Well I’m here to hopefully shed some light on this topic and explain!

Just like creating content for a YouTube channel, you must choose your niche.  As well as do research on what you post content about!  There are many tutorials on how to create a website.  With today’s technology and software available to us, it is quite easy!

After you have a website with some high quality content, there are a few different ways to make money!  All of which work great, it is up to you which route to take.

Option 1.

Choose a product that fits with your website content, and sell it on your store.  With a business model called “Dropshipping” this is done very easily without having to have any inventory of your own!

Option 2.

Promote products for other sellers in the form of being an affiliate!  This can be very rewarding, and is made simple with several affiliate websites.  One of the best affiliate promoter websites is called “Clickbank“.  Affiliate marketing works like this…  A product seller wants more traffic to their product.  They decide to pay a chunk of each sale to whoever brings the customer to their store.  So if you make an article about protein shakes being good for you, and then direct your viewers to an affiliate product selling protein shakes, you can get a commission for every sale you generate!

Option 3.

Earn with ads!  Once you have a developed website, companies will actually pay you to put an ad on your website!  Not necessarily for putting the ad on, but rather for every person that clicks on your ad you will get paid!  Google Ads is the main source for putting ads on your website.  Depending on what your website is about, a company could pay you anywhere from $0.01 to $40+ for every click of their ad!

Other business ideas for teens

There are so many more businesses you can start as a teen!  Do not be discouraged just because of your age.  Go back through the few ideas that you have just read about, and choose one to try!  It really doesn’t hurt to try, the worst that could happen is you don’t make any money and try something else!

My biggest advice to you, is to give just one business a try!  Stop reading about starting, and actually start!  It will be so rewarding for you to get started.

What Business Is Best For YOU?Confused man thinking deeply

When it comes to business ideas for teens, there are so many to choose from!  Typically a teenager cannot even think of one.  However when you dig deeper, there are a countless number of businesses you can start!

Which is best for you?  That unfortunately is a question that I cannot answer.  You will have to try some of the business models you have learned about, and find out which you love most!  Experiment and find what works for you.

Eventually you will find something that comes easy to you, and you will be very successful at it!  So stop reading about ideas, and just choose one!  Give it a try!  You will never find something that works until you try something!


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