Best Freelance Websites Top 20 – Make Money In 2020

Do you have a skill that you believe someone will pay you money to use?  This list of the best freelance websites will give you a huge opportunity to make some extra money!  Most people can probably think of something that they have a strength in, that some others may not.  If you have a skill which others may lack, you deserve to get paid for your service!

Whether you are wanting to do just a little bit of freelance work on the side…  Or actually want to freelance full time, there are many options for you!  Doing freelance work is a great business for everyone, and all ages!  After going through this list of the best freelance websites, there should be no excuses why you can start freelancing today!  Nothing will be stopping you, only yourself.

So many people have an awesome skill, although they choose to keep it all to themselves because they think it will be to difficult to freelance.  Those people, never even make a dime freelancing because they never try!  The truth is, it will be hard work, no matter what you decide to do it will be difficult.  Have you ever been paid for sitting back and relaxing?  No, you will have to put effort into your work!  Freelancing is very rewarding once you start and get a feel for what you’re doing.

I could tell you to start freelance work all day, but you just have to believe in yourself!  Let’s hop into this list and hopefully you will see the opportunity ahead of you.  First off, let’s take a look at some of the general freelance websites that are great all around for any skill!

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Best Freelance Websites For Any Skill

1. logo an affiliate website

This is definitely worthy to be at the top of the list!  There are so many people who use this platform, you will constantly have work lined up!  It is quite easy to get work even with a brand new account!  You don’t even have to be an expert for people to hire you!  Just start offering low prices at first, you will get jobs.

With this website, you send the the in an offer of how low of a price you’re willing to do the job for, and the best looking offer gets accepted!  Which is super nice for getting work, because most people try to overcharge.  So you can simply ask for a respectable price and get hired!  I love this platform very much, and highly recommend signing up and at least checking it out, you may find some jobs you love!

Click here to check out Freelancer, one of my favorites!

2. Fiverr

Fiverr Logo a freelance website

You must have heard of Fiverr before!  It is one of the most popular and effective platforms for freelance work!  Whether it is a high priced job, or a smaller scale 5$ job.

Fiverr has been around for a while, and has been a very successful marketplace for many freelancers.  For good reason, it is probably the most used platform on this list!  No matter what you plan on promoting, fiverr will be a great platform for you.  You will get business owners who will pay big bucks for a service, and some less serious people that don’t even care about quality!

While having used Fiverr myself several times, it is a very clean design as well as simple to use.  I highly recommend giving it a try for yourself, it is free to signup and get started.  I do encourage freelancers to sign up and promote their service on multiple platforms to get the most work!

Click here to check it out and see what you think!

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3. Upwork

Upwork is very similar to Fiverr, it has been around for a while and has been used a lot!  There is a very good community of people that use Upwork everyday.  It is a general freelance website, so no matter what skill you promote it will fit right in!  There are a lot of business owners going to upwork looking for help, as long as you know what you are doing you will get work!

I have also used Upwork, and I have enjoyed my experience on the platform.  There is definitely a demand for work.  If compared to Fiverr, I would say that it has a slightly smaller audience.  But that won’t stop you from getting hired for a lot of freelance work!

Upwork is for sure one of the best freelance websites to use in 2020!

4. FlexJobs

FlexJobs Logo a freelance website

Unlike Fiverr or Upwork, this platform doesn’t only offer freelance jobs!  You can also find remote jobs, and gigs!  It does a fantastic job finding work that fit your search criteria.  This platform is primarily a more serious worker, not someone just looking for an extra $5 here and there.  If you take it seriously, you can find great jobs on a regular basis!

FlexJobs is extremely helpful for someone looking for serious buyers to pay for their service.  For skills in high demand, this is where you can get paid some of the highest prices on the market in 2020!

However, because of the fantastic results this platform can give you.  It unfortunately is not free.  If you are serious about freelancing and you want to get paid for your service, do not let that push you away from this website!  Being a part of FlexJobs will for sure be very rewarding, and you will not be disappointed!

Click here to check it out, see what you think, maybe take that step in growing your business and passion!

5. CloudPeeps

Cloudpeeps Freelance Website Logo

This website is slightly more professional than the previously mentioned, however you must have done freelance work before if you want to be hired here.  When creating a profile, you must create your resume, list past experience, list your skills, and tell about yourself.

If you have already done a couple jobs on a site like Fiverr, and you feel like you are ready for the big leagues…  Then I would recommend signing up and giving it a try!

Click here to check it out and see if it is what you’re looking for!

6. Guru

Guru Website Logo Design

Guru is similar to Cloudpeeps in the aspect of being professional.  It has a good variety of different jobs you can work.  You are able to make a descriptive resume in order to find the most fitting jobs.  If you are looking to take your freelance work to another level, take a look at Guru, this could be exactly what you are looking for!

There are a lot of empoyers looking for talented people on this platform, willing to pay large sums of money!  Guru does take a commission of every job, although it is low at only 9%.

Click here to check out Guru and see if it is for you!

7. Craigslist

Craigslist Market Logo Design

You have probably heard of craigslist, it is one of the most well known marketplaces in the world!  Yes it is different from the other freelance websites on this list, because it is a full fledged marketplace.  Although if you advertise your service, chances are an employer will see your ad and contact you!

There is a “gigs” section you can take a look in also, someone could be looking for your skills right now!  This may not be the best platform in order to reach a full time schedule freelancing.  However like I have said before, I recommend using multiple platforms for the best amount of work!

Click here to take a look and see if craigslist is for you!

Best Freelance Writing Websites – Prioritized Towards Creative Writers And Editors

A writing journal and laptop for freelance writing

Now it is time to narrow it down to exactly what skill you have!  There are certain Freelance websites that are built for specific services, such as writing!  Here is a list of the best freelance websites for writers!
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8. ContenaContena Brand Logo Freelance Website

This is a fantastic website, targeted towards creative writers!  You can sign up and get freelance writing jobs super easily.  If you enjoy writing, or are passionate for it, I highly recommend trying it out for yourself!  You can also get hired for remote jobs as well, and these can be very high paying!

There are a lot of employers on this platform looking for talented writers.  If taken seriously, Contena can be extremely rewarding.  A full time income can easily be made from just working on Contena if you put in the effort.

Click Here to check it out and sign up!

9. Blogging ProBlogging Pro freelance website logo

Blogging Pro is a great platform for any passionate writer!  Jobs are typically well paying.  They can be a one time gig, part time, or full time job!  This is for sure one of the best freelance websites for writers.

Writing work is easy to find with this website, as well as remote jobs!  There are tons of employers that use this platform, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting hired!

Click Here to check it out and see if it is for you!

10. Journalism JobsOne of the best freelance websites JournalismJobs

This platform is very similar to Blogging Pro!  The work is typically high paying, and serious jobs.  So again, if you are a serious writer and are passionate for what you do, check this website out!  There are even extremely well known companies that hire through Journalism Jobs, so don’t miss out on your opportunity!

This is a platform that I do however recommend that you have at least some experience doing freelance work already.  Most employers here will want to see past work, to see how you perform.

Click Here to check it out and start getting jobs!

11. Freelance Writing Freelance Writing Website Logo

This is another great website for writers who are looking for a serious job!  Freelance Writing is a great platform for most writers, however some experience is recommended!

While there are many employers looking for a writer to hire, most are looking for highly skilled writers.  If you have never done freelance work for someone before, I would recommend to start on a platform such as Fiverr.

Most jobs on Freelance Writing want you to apply via Indeed.  So the website will redirect you from their platform, onto Indeed’s webpage for the application process.

Overall, this is a great freelance website for writers, although it is best that you have some experience before hand.  If you are an experienced freelance writer, I for sure recommend this for you, this is a fantastic platform!

Click Here to check out Freelance Writer, and give it a try!

12. PubLoft

PubLoft Logo - One of the best freelance websites

Are you sick of dealing of dealing with your customers?  Then Publoft could be exactly what you’re looking for.  They claim that you will never have to deal with your customers, or even interact with them while using this platform!

There is definitely a great selection of jobs available here, and they pay well.  The lowest paying job possible on Publoft is $150!  So in my opinion, that is quite the pretty penny.  And the great thing is, since you don’t have to deal with your customers that is just like getting a bonus!

This for sure deserves to be on this list for the best freelance websites in 2020, you will not be disappointed!

Click Here to give it a try, see if it is what you’re looking for!

13. Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Jobs Website Logo

The name of this website says it all, if you want freelance writing gigs this will give them to you!  This website is incredible, every single day there is a post released with all the new job opportunities available for you!

Another plus to this great website, is that you don’t have to be a super talented professional writer to get hired!  There are many gigs that simply want an article written, and sent in.  If they like the article they will pay you big bucks!

Definitely worth a try to get your writing approved, and in the meantime, you will just be getting better at writing for the next time you try.  You can be any age, and any skill level, nothing is stopping you from using this website to get paid for your writing!

Overall this is a great site for anyone, everyday new opportunities are posted, and everyday you get another chance to get paid.  This is a super great website for any freelance writer.

Click here to check it out and start writing today!

Best Freelance Websites For Freelance Design Jobs

Graphic designer working on a logo

For all the graphic designers out there, this section is just for you!  These will be the best freelance websites for any type of design work you are able to do.
Give one of these websites a try for yourself, or give them all a try!  Be sure to comment on the bottom of this post any websites you would like me to include!

14. Design Crowd

One of the best freelance websites - Designcrowd

Starting off is my favorite website for freelance designers on this entire list!  This platform has a super clean design, and is very easy to use.  There are a lot of people looking to hire, so the chances of landing a job are quite good!

Payouts range from very low, to very high, and everything in between.  Customers could just want a simple text logo that might take 3 minutes to create.  Or they could want an entire website designed for them.

A really nice thing about this website, is that you don’t have to be an expert to start here.  You can get hired for smaller jobs, with very little experience at all!  As long as you have the basic skills to design a little logo, you are all set to go!

Click Here to get signed up with Designcrowd and try it out for yourself!

15. Fiverr

Fiverr Logo a freelance website

Hold on, hold on…  I know what you’re thinking.  I already listed Fiverr at the beginning of this list!  Yes, I did…  Let me explain why I am listing it again, under the best design websites!

Fiverr is simply, one of the best freelance websites ever!  When is comes to graphic design, it is such a powerful platform to promote your service on.  The amount of people that go straight to fiverr for a logo to be made for them, is asstounding!  Millions of people and business owners that do not feel like doing the work themselves, go straight to Fiverr for a designer.

So, you will not be disappointed when promoting a design service on this platform.  There are so many customers, jobs will come with ease!

Click Here to check it out and get started today!

16. Envato Studio

Envato Studio Business Logo

This Freelance website is very good for graphic designers.  They do offer a variety of categories which include:

  • Audio
  • Design & Graphics
  • WordPress
  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Online Marketing
  • Video & Animation
  • Mobile & Apps
  • Websites & Programming

While, there are categories, logo design & branding seems to be the most used on this platform!  So this website is perfect for any logo designer, or graphic designer.  Also, the website itself is extremely easy to use.  Due to all these positive attributes, I highly recommend this website to anyone trying to get into freelance design work!

Click Here to get started and land your first job!

17. Crowdspring

Crowdspring freelance website business logo

Another great website, is Crowdspring!  Probably the most “designer” targeted platform on this list.  While this website offers a countless number of jobs, they are only creative designer jobs!

Above all the other design categories, Logo Design stands out as the most popular.  So again, if you are skilled with designing logos, this platform would definitely be good for you!

Typically when you think of logo design prices, you think of cheap…  In contrast to those thoughts, payouts can actually be extremely high using crowdspring!  If a package of logos is put together for a customer, the payout can be hundreds and hundreds of dollars!

Click Here to check it out for yourself, and see if Crowdspring is for you.

18. Dribbble

Dribble Freelance Designer Company Logo

Certainly another one of the best websites to use is Dribbble!  While it looks like the brand designer may have made a mistake typing out the title to the business…  The platform itself is very clean and simple!

This website can come is very handy for finding new gigs, finding remote jobs, and even just spreading the word about your designing skills!  There are many skilled designers that post previews of their work on dribbble, which can be viewed by anyone!  So go on and take a look at popular designer’s workpieces.  You can learn a lot from looking at other designs.

The job board on this website is very clean and easy to read.  As well as freelance gigs you can apply for in minutes just by messaging the customer!

Click Here to take a closer look and try it out for yourself!

Best Freelance Websites For Virtual Assistants

Illustration Of a Virtual Assistant

These next couple freelance websites, are going to be for those who would like to be a virtual assistant!  Contrary to belief, being a virtual assistant can in fact bring in big bucks if done correctly.  With some websites, you can work as many hours as you would like.  So being a virtual assistant is great whether you use it as a part time job, a full time job, or a one time gig!

19. ClickWorker

Clickworker virtual assistant freelance website logo

This platform is super useful for landing a virtual assistant job.  There are a lot of employers that use clickworker, looking for high quality virtual assistance to help grow their business.

There are many different virtual assistant categories to choose from, whether you want to write content, perform data research, test apps, proofread, take surveys, or even categorize the data on a website.

All you need to do is sign up, and wait for ClickWorker to pair you with a client that will hire you!  So it is made super simple, it’s as easy as that!

Click Here to get started for yourself!

20. TimeEtc

Another awesome website for being a virtual assistant is TimeEtc!  This platform is very trustworthy and offers a guaranteed hourly rate for your work.

However, the only downside is that they only accept a small percentage of applications.  Although, it is worth a try.  Because if you are accepted, this is a wonderful job and a great company to work for!

Click Here to check it out and apply!

Final thoughts & Reflections On Freelance Work

Confused man thinking deeply

In conclusion, all the listed websites above do work very well!  Each with its own strengths and weaknesses depending on what you use it for.  There are also many more freelance websites that were not a part of this list, if you think I have missed one worth listing please comment below!

If you have a skill that you wish to use to make more money, freelance websites are fantastic for that!  You must try out a few and find out for yourself which platform best suits your needs.  Getting started is the best way to move forward, I highly recommend to choose a platform and sign up.  Start promoting your service and see what happens!  You will never figure anything out or see any results unless you start!

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