Meditation Techniques- Why Should You Meditate?

The Importance Of Meditation

Woman Practicing Meditation With The Sunset

Ever wonder what meditation can actually help you with?  Here is a real life example showing how beneficial meditating can really be!

Finally you are getting close to having your client sign the contract, but then…  You get asked one last question.  Oh no, you don’t know the answer right away, you start sweating!  You just can’t think at all, you try to speak but can’t make any words come out of your mouth…  You lost your deal…

This scenario unfortunately happens far to often, and in many cases results in business men and women giving up on their dreams and losing hope.  Face it, so many of us have the fear of public speaking as well as speaking to a single person in general!  This is what stops so many amazing people from reaching their full potential in business, and in life!  I do NOT want this to be the case!

On the other hand, there are a limited number of people who will be in the above situation and have no problem at all!  This person most likely takes a moment, breathes deeply, and processes the moment they are in.  Simply doing a small session of meditation on the spot!  This takes practice, and repetition, however it can be mastered with time!

Why Should You Meditate?

Meditation Emotions Before And After Illistraition

You may be wondering what meditation may help you with personally.  Well I am here to tell you, that along with so many other people in the world, meditation will help you with A LOT of things!  Just to give you an idea, lets take a look at this list of a few things it can and WILL help you with!

  • Reduces Stress
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Lengthens Attention Span
  • Improves Confidence
  • Helps With Your Self Love
  • You Will Work Better Under Pressure
  • Improves Sleep
  • May Help Overcome Addictions
  • Helps The Ability To Control Pain
  • Improves Overall Happiness
  • Can Help With Time Management

Look at that!  Those are just a few awesome reasons you should begin meditation for yourself!

At first meditation may feel odd, and unordinary for you to do.  You may even feel uncomfortable while meditating.  However, after daily repetition you will start feeling refreshed every single time you finish!  You will even look forward to your daily meditation!

After you form a habit for doing this daily, you will start seeing and feeling results, such as feeling much happier throughout your day!  As well as much less stressed, even in the same exact situations you were facing before.

Who Meditates?

Oprah Winfrey Teaching a Meditation Class

There are so many successful athletes and successful people who meditate on a daily basis!  Just to name a few are,

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Michael Jordan
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Derek Jeter
  • Arianna Huffington
  • Misty-May Trainor
  • Eva Mendez
  • Kobe Bryant (Rest in Peace)

And this is just a small list of successful athletes and celebrities that are well known to meditate every single day!  You won’t be seen as a “weird person” for doing it, do you see any of these people as “weird” for meditating?

Do you need to see some more famous people that meditate to be convinced? Here is a list of even more well known people who also are involved with meditation!

What Types Of Meditation Are There?

1. Zen Meditation

Zen meditation, also called zazen meditation, is the type of meditation that you most likely picture in your mind!  It is the meditation of sitting down in quiet peace, not letting anything disturb you.  This may surprise you, but you do not actually have to be sitting with your legs crossed and your fingers in “O’s” making the sound “Umm Umm” in order to meditate!  The goal of Zen Meditation is to let all thoughts and ideas pass right by you while you sit in peace.  Not letting your mind give any judgment or thoughts about anything at all!

Click here for a guide guide on how to begin your Zen Meditation!

2. Mindfulness or Vipassana

Mindfulness or sometimes called “Vipassana” meditation, unlike Zen, is the focus on ones current thought(s)!  Not being judgmental, but only to process your current thoughts and emotions.  This is good for people who act before they think, teaching them to process the situation first!

Click here for a guide on how to begin your Mindfulness and Vipassana Meditation!

3. Mantra Meditation

This one another common form of meditation, with it’s goal being to put you in a relaxed state and improve your mental health greatly!  Mantra Meditation, is the repetition of one key word or phrase.  You do not speak the word out loud, instead just repeat the word or phrase to yourself without moving your mouth or lips.  Sitting still in a peaceful and comfortable area.  I feel that this is one of the most commonly used form of meditation, and once mastered can also be used under pressure in stressful situations by saying your key word to yourself!

Click Here for a guide on how to begin your Mantra Meditation!

4. Christian Meditation

This form of meditation is ideal if you are a Christian looking for a way to improve your relationship with God!  Christian meditation is the act of taking time to pray in peace, and reflect upon your thankfulness and love for God.  This can be very rewarding and uplifting!

Click Here for your guide on how to begin your Christian Meditation!

5. Yoga

You may be thinking yoga is just doing some stretches and exercising, however it is in fact a form of meditation!  Yoga can be extremely beneficial both mentally and physically!  With the right technique, you can target to stretch certain muscles that are causing you pain.  While performing yoga, you can be extremely relaxed and in peace.  There are many different ways to practice yoga, you will just have to find the option that suites you best!

Click Here for a guide on how to begin learning how to do yoga!

6. Transcendental Meditation

TM is a very simple form of meditation that is however at the same time one of the most complex forms of meditating!  The result and goal of Transcendental Meditation is to reach a point where you are mentally free and this can result in healing, and refreshing you physically.  TM teachers can actually go into depth in order to teach you how to master this form of meditation, however it could set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars to learn!

Click Here to explore deeper into Transcendental Meditation!

7. Sleep Meditation

There is actually a form of meditation meant specifically to improve your sleep!  If you do not seem to sleep well at night, this may be perfect for you!  There are so many people that claim it really works for them, even skeptics that tried say it worked!  I will be going over a simple way to perform Sleep Improving Meditation, however there are many different ways to do “Sleep Meditation”.

How To Meditate To SleepIllustration Of A Man In Deep Sleep From Meditation

There are many techniques you can try using for improving your sleep with meditation, I will just be going over a few!

First Method

Before going to sleep, lay in your bed or sit in a comfortable chair, be sure you will not have any distractions!  Simply close your eyes and breath, just as if you were going to sleep.  However, focus on your breathing, do not think about anything else except your breathing.  Keep doing this for several minutes, you will notice your mind and body becoming more relaxed!

Second Method

Another great sleep meditation to try is Gratitude Meditation, which instead of focusing on your breathing, you will be focusing on things for which you are very grateful for!  Lay with your eyes closed and breath normally.  Think about anything you are grateful of, big or small, it can be anything!  For example, it could be for the food you ate today,the weather this week, a pretty sky you saw this morning, your friends or family, or your partner.  If nothing is coming to mind, just simply keep lying there with your eyes shut, wait patiently until things start popping into your head.  You will feel refreshed after this, and most likely sleep a lot better!

Third Method

Next on this list, and one of my favorite forms of sleep meditation, is Body Scan Meditation.  With this technique, lay down comfortably as you did before.  This time, you will focus on one single part of your body at a time!  I usually start on the bottom of my body, with toes, and focus on the relaxation of that body part.  Then move up to the sole of your foot, and then your heel, and then ankle, and so on.  Focus on the complete relaxation of each body part until you reach the very top of your head.  Take your time with this process, do not rush your way through it!  After you are finished, you may find it difficult to even move because you will be so relaxed!  This should definitely help you sleep much better!

What Kind Of Meditation Should I Do?

Man Confused Which Direction To Go

This is a great question that I am sure most of you are asking yourselves.  Of course it varies from person to person so I Can’t just give you a concrete answer!  However I have a solution for you to find out for yourself what suites you best!

Start by going over the types of meditation again, and reviewing what they are good for and what they improve.  Then, I want you to choose two, three, or even four of them.  After you have chosen the few that you believe may be what you need, it is time to do a little experiment!

Get yourself a notebook for notes, and start by practicing one form of meditation!  For an entire week, practice your chosen technique once or twice a day, and be sure to take notes of how you feel after each session!  After your first week, begin another week with your second technique.  Repeat this until you have performed a week of each meditation technique you had chosen.  Go over your notes, and view the results!

There will most likely be one form of meditation that stood out to you as your favorite, and there you go, you found the one for you!


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